A Higher Loyalty PDF Download

A Higher Loyalty PDF Download

By: James Comey
Genre: Biographies & Memoirs, Politics & Current Events
Relase Date: 2018-04-17


Truly fascinating stories from America’s former top cop. No matter what your political views are this book gives you insight into how the American justice system and political justice system, including the FBI work, and how the executive branch functions behind the scenes. James Comey really tries to steer the book away from extreme right and extreme left, and shifts towards the middle politically.


Awesome read!!!


I didn’t know James Comey very well outside of recent press releases about him. I am grateful for his dedication to writing this book about his experience in government, his hard earned lessons on how to be a great leader, what a great leader is like, his behind the scenes experiences in the administrations of three presidents in different capacities. The interactions between he and President Trump are and frightening and scary but certainly not a surprise given anyone who has followed his actions on the campaign trail and in the oval office to date. Knowing what happened behind the scenes through James Comey’s eyes leaves me with a sense of dread and fear for our nation under the mob mentality of Donald Trump. Trump is probably one of the worst suited people for this executive job, lives in his fantasy world, believes his own lies, does everything for his own benefit with little regard for the concern of Americans. His belief system is based on no evidence, facts or reality. This man is a danger to America and the world. I pray to God for the future of our democracy. Please god get us through the next three years with a president Donald Trump.




He disgraced himself and the FBI. He is a pompous self serving jackass that should be locked up right along with Hill Dog and her disgrace of a husband


James Comeys first effort at writing reveals another level of talent that this wonderful man possesses . He is a great and gifted writer. Thanks Jim for telling your truth.

Angry Consumerist

Easily one of the most vital books of this year. It should be read by every senator and representative that pretend to be working on our behalf. It may give them the courage they need to take on POTUS. Charles J. Selden


I am neither left or right on this matter. Mr. Comey has a vast understanding for the FBI and Dept of Justice and the ability to make us as readers understand the importance that these two departments play. In upholding our constitution and fighting for what is right, fair & just. Therefore keeping American justice at its highest form. Well done, excellent read. “Anything is better than lies & deceit”


Reading this book I have come to the conclusion that my deepest fears for the state of our country have been verified. I am a retired police sergeant and a Vietnam Veteran who loves this country dearly. My father was a WWII veteran who served with the 442nd Infantry throughout Europe. He gave me the values of appreciating my freedoms as an American citizen. Unfortunately our current President seems not to share these similar values. It appears his loyalties are ego and self centered driven. Does he really love this country and what it stands for? Mr. Comey’s book should be a reminder to all of us that this country is greater than any one individual and that truth and honor should be ultimate goals in our lives. God bless us all and God bless this Great Nation. To James Comey- sir thank you for your insight, your honor and your obvious love of this Nation and the “real” values it stands for. I for one stand beside you and feel honored to have been able to read this book.


From a 77 year old conservative this book opens your eyes, your lungs and your head: for vision, a breath of fresh air and honest thought. If only we could see more of this from our leaders!


Why read a book of lies and distortion. Plus he must have been given a immunity. If not he goes to jail.


Regardless of whether you agree with his politics or not, this book was a great view into a very interesting life spent in various important leadership roles, whether as a private citizen or as a public servant. I think Mr. Comey found his next calling and I really look forward to any next book he decides to write. G. Schmidt, Esq., Chicago